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Welcome to Clearwoods!

The inhabitants of Clearwoods have disappeared. Two weeks ago, the first reports reached the Incorporation when travelling sales associates found the streets and houses empty.

The first level of the mega-dungeon consists of a detailed map of the houses on Main Street. These are the only buildings not burnt down and left in ruins...

The second level consists of the Dark Forest, where the characters can find the entrance of the cemetery and the old mine. They also may find out about the Witch and the kids of Clearwoods.

The third level is the old cemetery, where the characters can explore three major Tombs and may discover the entrance to the deeper levels.

The fourth level is the Crypt, an ancient necropolis on which the cemetery was built. Within the Crypt lies the entrance to the Forgotten Temple.

Sheriff's notebook

The Sheriff's notebook can be found in the first level and continues some helpful clues to guide the players. Whenever I publish a level, I will update the notebook. So, please do not forget to download the updated version of the notebook when downloading a level.

About this project

My project for the #dungeon23-challenge. I will try to sit down and do one room per day. The "plan" is, first of all, a proof of concept that I have sufficient ideas for an Acid Western-themed dungeon. Having said that, I am certain that the plan will change.

I plan to publish one level per month. Do not expect a finished product but a continuous work in progress.


If anyone wants to join me, please drop me a message.

Legal notes

The drawings in Level 2 and the cover image are by Evlyn Moreau.

"Death Valley (18)69"  is an independent production by Michael Nagenborg and is not affiliated with Den of Druids. It is published under the FRONTIER SCUM Third-Party License.

FRONTIER SCUM is copyright Den of Druids

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Death Valley (18)69 - Lv1 - Ghost Town - V1_0.pdf 773 kB
Death Valley (18)69 - Lv2 - The forest - redux.pdf 1 MB
Death Valley (18)69 - Lv 2 - The Forest - Full map.pdf 2 MB
Death Valley (18)69 - Lv3 - Cementry - V1_0.pdf 1 MB
Death Valley (18)69 - Lv 4 - The Crypt - V1_0.pdf 1 MB
Death Valley (18)69 - The Sheriff's Notebook.pdf 68 kB

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I like this so far (I’ve only looked at Lvl 1). The neat hand drawn maps plus the choice of fonts & colour red for highlighting for the numbering, text etc are vary clear. Looks intriguing. Also the reflections on the process from doing it as a one room a day thing for Dungeon23, that is rather interesting too (for me at least).

Update: Lvl 2 looks interesting. I’ve got too much on at the moment to really look at this but I’m making a note to come back to this later. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your encouragement :) I really enjoy working on the project, although I probably have to spend some time next year to polish what I have.